How to see your Aura...

All you need to see your Aura is the Sun and some sort of misting water generator... ie: fountain, water fall, or even a garden hose will work. Personally I find the garden hose to be the most fun... who doesn't like to get wet? :)

The best time to see your Aura is when the sun is at a 45 degree angle in the sky. The hours of 9am-10am and 4pm-5pm seem to be the best. These hours allow the sun to be at the correct angle to project your aura, energy field, onto the mist behind you. You want to make sure the sun isn't obstructed by any clouds as this will dull your aura.

If you wish to use a hose make sure to have your back to the sun. You will want to mist from your left foot up and over your head to your right foot, a little in front of you so you don't get so wet. Make sure you have a real fine mist or you won't be able to see your aura.

Time to ponder those big rainbows. :)

Many Blessings!

How to See YOUR AURA

Rana Mohammadian
Photographer & Aura Artist